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When you choose the Marshall E. Rosenbach Law Offices to handle your case, you can trust that you will work directly and closely with an experienced attorney. Your case will not be handed off to a paralegal or inexperienced lawyer. At my firm, I handle every case and take the time to understand the unique and individual needs of my clients.

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You want to protect you rights, your ability to recover, and the future of your family. Insurance carriers will seek to minimize your rights and claims immediately after an accident. At the Marshall E. Rosenbach Law Offices, I provide experienced representation focused on the rights and interests of accident victims and their families.

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Since 2001, I have represented clients in personal injury, commercial litigation and real estate. I always take the time to understand the unique concerns and individual needs of my clients, and then develop a comprehensive solution to protect their rights.

Palm Beach Accident Lawyer

A car accident can have a severe and lasting impact. Your vehicle may have been totaled leaving you unable to work. You may have suffered a head, neck, back, or broken bone injury. In the worst cases, victims suffer permanent injuries or the loss of a loved one. When you are faced with the financial and personal difficulties of a car accident, you need immediate advocacy and support to protect your rights and help you move forward.

Experienced advocacy. Personal attention. Record results you can trust. Call 561-627-8990 or contact me by e-mail for a free consultation regarding your personal injury.

At The Law Offices of Marshall E. Rosenbach, I have extensive experience handling car accidents ranging from rear-end collisions to truck accidents and wrongful death. With a long-time career in car accident injury claims, I know how to strategically negotiate a position on behalf of my clients, as well as take any case to court to obtain a successful verdict. You can trust that I will provide the advocacy, counsel and support you need to recover compensation and move forward after an accident.

I am dedicated to the successful representation of clients involved in:

Recover the Full Compensation You Deserve

I know how to deal directly with insurance companies to protect your rights. Immediately after an accident, remember that insurance carriers will seek to minimize your claims or try to prevent you from recovering compensation in the future. If you have been approached with an offer to settle, make sure that you consult with an experienced advocate as soon as possible. I will work with appropriate experts, identify the full extent of your losses and develop a comprehensive strategy to recover the full compensation you deserve.

For more information about my services, please call my North Palm Beach, Florida office at 561-627-8990 or my Beverly Hills, California office at 310-860-4764. I can also be reached by e-mail for your convenience.